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NEW POLL: Majority of Americans Want Spending & Taxes Cut To Balance Budget

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Arlington, Va. – Public Notice today released the results of a national survey on federal spending and economic issues conducted by The Tarrance Group via telephone and 25 percent via cellphone from Apr. 14 – Apr. 17, 2013, among N=819 registered “likely” voters nationwide with a margin of error of +/– 3.5%.  The survey found that with serious fiscal battles ahead, the significant majority of Americans believe the best way to improve the economy is for Washington to cut spending, cut taxes and balance the budget.

The results show that the economy and government spending remain top concerns for voters. Two-thirds of Americans (66 percent) believe the federal government should cut spending and 62 percent believe taxes should also be lowered to create jobs and grow the economy. A significant majority (70 percent) also believes that a balanced budget would help the nation’s economy.

In the wake of the sequester, more than 60 percent of Americans still say the first thing Washington should do is find more spending to cut.  This included a majority of Independent voters (63 percent) and a plurality of Democrats (40 percent). An overwhelming 73 percent said that any agreement to raise the debt ceiling should also require spending cuts.

The survey also found that most voters (54 percent) disagree with President Obama when he says that “there’s not a lot of smoke and mirrors” in his budget. In fact, when breaking down this question, women and young voters were the most likely to disagree at 57 and 55 percent, respectively.

Gretchen Hamel, executive director of Public Notice, issued the following statement regarding the poll:

“The problem in Washington isn’t from a lack of revenue. It’s a matter of spending too much and wasting taxpayer funds while crippling the economy with debt. Americans agree: Let people keep more of their money, and the economy will grow. Voters are tired of smoke and mirrors and are tuning out the rhetoric. They want a responsible path toward growth, which entails cutting spending, lowering taxes and balancing the budget. Even after the sequester and the fear mongering leading up to the sequester, Americans believe the government can cut more, and it’s time lawmakers took them seriously.”

Key Findings: A strong majority favors both cutting spending (66 percent) and cutting taxes (62 percent) when presented with both options for growing the economy.

 -A majority of Republicans (86 percent) and a plurality of Democrats (47 percent) say cutting spending would do more for the economy.

-A vast majority of voters (70 percent) expressed support for a balanced budget, saying it would help the economy.

 -Fifty-four percent of voters disagree with the president’s statement that “there’s not a lot of smoke and mirrors” in his budget. Fifty-seven percent of those who disagreed were young voters, and 55 percent were women.

 -Even after the sequester spending cuts, a strong majority (61 percent) of voters say the government should cut more spending.

 -A vast majority (73 percent) of voters say that if Congress increases the debt limit, then Congress should also require the government to cut spending.

 Click here to read the full polling memo.

Click here to see poll addendum.

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