CYSEC Steps in to put a halt to Questionable Marketing Practices by Forex Brokers

CYSEC, or the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission is responsible for regulating many of the largest Forex brokerage companies in the European Union.

In 2016, CYSEC issued several guidelines to the brokers regarding aggressive marketing practices.  It has subsequently issued a clarification to these rules in March of this year. CYSEC has been giving warnings to brokers in violation so far, and as of May 31, 2017 will begin issuing harsh penalties.

Specifically, the marketing of bonuses as real cash has been addressed in a circular by the Cysec:

A bonus or trading benefit being offered and presented to the client in such a way as to give the impression that the trading benefit is real money, free trades or risk-free trades, when in reality that trading benefit equates to additional leverage on the client’s account (and therefore additional risk);”

This is a long overdue change in regulation as the retail Forex industry has had a reputation in fast decline. These changes should cause many regulated brokers to eliminate bonus incentives and focus on improving other aspects of their services to attract new customers and stay ahead of the competition.  Longer term, it should allow the legitimate brokers to prosper, and in turn, put some consumer trust and faith back in the Forex industry.

There are several resources available on the web to help lead consumers to the brokers that have outstanding reputations. Informational sites, such as ConnectFX, that offer fair and objective Forex broker reviews and other educational Forex trading materials, are proving to be an invaluable asset to help new traders get started. Also, the CYSEC, FCA, and CFTC all have resourceful sites that offer information, and accept consumer complaints.


What you Need to Know About Home Security Companies

Do you find yourself worrying about how secure your home is? Are you aware of the benefits of securing your home and how to overcome related challenges? If not, you just found the right company to help you with that, online at With an endless number of people offering to help secure your home, it is important to be aware of a few factors before settling on one.

Armed with the correct information, you will be able to select a system that affords you a good night’s sleep resting in the knowledge that you are safe.

Why is a Home Security System Important?

Your home is invaluable in that it is a safe place where you and your loved ones reside on a permanent basis. It is a secure storage for your valuables and home investments. There are several reasons why a home security system is a crucial investment, some of which are;

  • It increases the safety and protection of your loved ones and your valuables. People with bad intentions will think twice before making an attempt on your home.
  • Security systems have advanced technology that enables real-time monitoring of the home even when away from the house. You can observe the happenings at the house via the installed camera systems through your mobile device. This has added benefits in that you will be able to get handy heads-ups when emergencies occur, giving you plenty of time to take care of them. You can also discreetly monitor your kids’ activities or those of other people at the house such as employees.
  • A security system is designed to prevent or reduce the possibility of a crime. It is a deterrent in itself since outsiders do not know what it is capable of doing.
  • Installing a state of the art security system also upgrades to smart technology. These offer unique home management options. You can control several appliances and lights by turning them off and on remotely just like you were present in the house.
  • Most insurance companies will offer discounts on home insurance for protected homes.

Benefits of Home Security Company Reviews

From a homeowner’s perspective, there are much more reasons to invest in a good functional home security system than not. One of the revolutionary forums that are assisting people to review home security systems is They help break down the technicalities involved in a layman’s format that is easy to understand. The site contains a bagful of useful information on security systems and what to expect from one.

They contain reviews of specific offerings from various security companies. It includes security company profiles, extensive equipment feature analysis, prices comparisons of the products on offer, technologies utilized and how to make them work for you, usage and monitoring and the advantages and challenges of each system.

This means you do not have to go to a brick and mortar store to get a picture of the system. The site answers questions you may have regarding home security and contains useful tweaks to the system to tune it to your preferences. They have tested the equipment and evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of each. A convenient side by side comparison of the feature sets enables you to make quick, informed decisions regarding your home security.

It is easy to understand what you need and why you need it. The various components are demonstrated and explained. Being an independent company from the providers makes their reviews unbiased. The process of activating, monitoring and triggering alarms is illustrated in an easy to understand format. Did you know that there could also be minor disadvantages to owning a home security system? It is practical to be aware of the good and the ugly before making the leap.

One of the pages on the site,, goes into a detailed review that is a must see for those already considering a home security system. An independent assessment serves to protect consumers from companies that may be offering more than they deliver. Not everyone is honest about protecting your home. It helps to sort out the clutter.

Go ahead and check it out for useful analyses of home security companies, comprehensive resources detailing what you need to know and a friendly and helpful blog section that contains smart tidbits relevant to the home security industry. It is a great stop to find buying guides for those still trying to make up their minds.

4 Tips for Consumers to Avoid Getting Caught by a Scam and Avoid Fraud

Being a consumer has become quite a difficult thing. There are so many scams and people waiting to exploit the unaware consumer. The FTC has released tips to help consumers avoid getting caught up in fraudulent scams. These tips are based on getting yourself educated and informed and being alert when buying anything or receiving claims of winnings.

The consumer tips to avoid fraud include:

Pay attention to the sender. Many scammers pretend to be a trustworthy authority like a bank, government official, or a charity. Learn to spot these imposters. If you look closely at communications from these scammers, you will see that letters or numbers look funny or are different than it would be if it came from the legitimate source. Do not respond to or send money in response to an email, SMS, or call that seem to be suspicious.

The Internet is your friend when it comes to information. Do online research about the company that contacted you or the product that is being sold. Add words like ‘fraud’ or ‘scam’ to your search parameters and see what comes up. You can search the whole message, a phone number, or any other information from the message to find out if it is a scam.

Don’t pay money for promises or to receive money. Any message that requires you to pay money or taxes in order to receive debt relief, a loan, or win a prize, is most likely a scam. You will never see your money or the promised product again. No bank or legitimate credit provider will ask you to share your personal information or make random payments. These scams are everywhere and all consumers need to tread carefully and read carefully.

Use a friend or family member as a soundboard. Scams often play on our emotions and require an immediate response or it will no longer be valid. Before you get swept up in this offer, take a step back and talk to someone you trust. Tell them what you received and ask them what they think you should do. These scammers want you to make an impulsive decision, but it will cost you money.

Always be skeptical and don’t send money to anyone who you don’t know. Any product or prize that requires you to pay money before you can receive it, screams scam and should be avoided. Report the company, delete the email, and don’t give it a second thought.


The Importance of Having an Apartment Alarm System

Apartment alarm systems are one of the best ways to keep you and your family safe especially today. They allow you to monitor your home through the use of video cameras that can be placed anywhere inside and out. If you are away on vacation or at work, you can monitor your apartment from the internet, which is a significant advantage to keeping your place safe. To get your alarm shopping around is going to be crucial to getting the best deal. This way you can find what suits you best while giving you something less to worry about while on vacation or at work.

There can be many benefits to having an alarms system for your apartment today. Not only do they help alert you to an intruder, but it may keep a burglary from happening. If you are not home, the system can also alert the police to an entry made through a window or door. This way you have one less thing to worry about when you are not at home.

Some of the reasons people choose to install a home security system today are that they offer much more protection and safety. Alarms can be for those that live alone, or for those that want to protect their family. You may monitor your apartment by video from the internet from just about anywhere. The system can also track motion so that it alerts you or the police if a window is opened. This is a good way to protect the things you have as well as the ones you love.

A very convenient advantage to having your security system is that it utilizes video. Since cameras may be placed just about anywhere, it gives you the option to view any room or even outside your front door. You might be at work or home, even if you go away on vacation this usually can be accessed by the internet which gives you peace of mind.

These days many companies offer a high-quality service that can be affordable. This can provide not only monthly security monitoring but installation as well to get you started. Where ever you live it’s quite easy to find a local company online. This way you can connect with them to get the best advice for your security needs.

When you are interested in getting an apartment security system installed shopping around is essential for the best deal. This may be through the internet or by visiting some local stores to see what they have on sale. Also, you may check out what type of monthly services can be offered, usually an affordable price.

These days keeping your apartment safe and secure when at home or not is important. Many of the top security systems can offer monitoring of opening of the door, cabinets, and video monitoring while at work or out of town. This lets you feel safer while at home, and help prevent or stop burglaries from happening when away. For those living in an apartment, this can give you more peace of mind for you and your family.